Facebook Messenger Setup

Getting your Credentials

If you don’t already have these, follow the steps 1-4 on the Facebook Messenger guide: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/guides/quick-start

In step 2, where you setup your webhook, no need to code anything. Just specify the webhook, enter any secure string you want as a verify token(verifyToken) and copy that value in the settings object. Also, click on whichever message [those are “update”s using botmaster semantics] type you want to receive from Messenger (message_deliveries, messages, message_postbacks etc…).

To find your Facebook App Secret (fbAppSecret), navigate to your apps dashboard and under App Secret click show, enter your password if prompted and then there it is.


const Botmaster = require('botmaster');
const botmaster = new Botmaster();

const messengerSettings = {
  credentials: {
    verifyToken: 'YOUR verifyToken',
    pageToken: 'YOUR pageToken',
    fbAppSecret: 'YOUR fbAppSecret',
  webhookEndpoint: '/webhook1234',

const messengerBot = new Botmaster.botTypes.MessengerBot(messengerSettings);

botmaster.on('update', (bot, update) => {
  bot.reply(update, 'Hello world!');


If you are not too sure how webhooks work and/or how to get them to run locally, go to webhooks to read some more.