Middleware extends botmaster with additional functionality. Because of their modular nature they are great for extending your bots with functionality very quickly. Read more about how they work here

Official middleware


  1. Watson Conversation Ware - Create a bot that communicates with Watson Conversation. Whenever an incoming text update comes in, it will be forwarded to your specified Watson Conversation service and the Watson response will be added to the update object. It will add the following to your update: update.watsonUpdate, update.watsonConversation and update.session.watsonContext. As you can guess from that last part, in order to use Watson Conversation Ware, you'll need to be using Session Ware too. Install with. Install it with: yarn add botmaster-watson-conversation-ware or npm i --save botmaster-watson-conversation-ware.


  1. Fulfill - Declarative markup API and engine to integrate internal or external APIs with botmaster. install it with yarn add botmaster-fullfill or npm i botmaster-fulfill -S.


  1. Session Ware - Add a persistent session to your bot. If used, update.session will exist. Install it with yarn add botmaster-session-ware or npm i --save botmaster-session-ware

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